Jul 30

CCNP Route Lab – EIGRP OSPF Redistribution Sim


EIGRP OSPF Redistribution Sim:


  • R2 is an ASBR for EIGRP 100 and OSPF AREA 24
  • R3 is an ASBR for EIGRP 100 and OSPF AREA 34

(note: so there are TWO separate areas on TWO separate ASBRS thus you need to do redistribution on R2 and R3)

  • R1 is ONLY in EIGRP 100, and is THE ONLY router you can ping from.
  • R4 has a loopback interface that must be pinged from R1.
  • R4 is running OSPF and has redundant link to EIGRP network over R3 router.
  • Traffic from R1 should go to the most optimal route to reach network

Notice: You should be able to ping from R1 to the network to make sure everything is working correctly when you have completed Redistribution. Continue reading